Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Szechuan Chicken Recipe

Since I'm a Primal type o' gal, I shun certain ingredients offered in the Standard American Diet. It's been a bit of a challenge to relearn to cook, but it's fun at the same time. Last week the F.H. (future hubs) and I picked up Chinese food - hey, I never claimed to be perfect at eating healthy all the time! It was terrible - and after eating the rice my head started pounding, my sinuses clogged and my eyes got a tad puffy. Shame, as I do love rice. But I love feeling better a whole lot more. Sooo, I decided I would find a way to make my own delicious Szechun chicken that looked and tasted amazing. Here is my version:

~Please note - I don't really ever measure anything. I just throw ingredients together and they come out amazing. It's a gift from family :)

Ginger (I used powdered but fresh would also be fantastic)
Cayenne pepper - to desired spiciness
Ancho Chile pepper - to desired spiciness

Crushed red pepper flakes - to desired spiciness
Sea salt - to taste

Soy Sauce - just a shot or two for flavor (beware of unwanted ingredients!)
Olive oil - enough to coat the bottom of pan

Garlic - chopped
Green onions - thinly sliced
Green pepper - thinly sliced
Carrots - thinly sliced, at an angle
Celery - thinly sliced, at an angle
Red cabbage - thinly sliced
Chicken breasts - sliced into thin strips

I throw some olive oil in a pan with a shot of soy sauce on medium/high heat- then add the red cabbage & spices when pan is hot. Since I can't have grains, this works perfectly for me in place of rice. I add all the other veggies (feel free to add any that you desire) and sautee. Once they reach my preferred doneness, I put them on my plate and then add more oil, more spices and toss in the chicken strips. Once they are cooked I put on top of the sauteed veggies and my Szechuan chicken is good to go! And trust me, this will burn from one end to the other, depending on how spicy you like your dish.

*My next challenge is to find a healthy way to make egg rolls....*